THE GLASS MOUNTAIN Written by Tor age Bringsvaerd  California Institute of the Arts / Walt Disney Modular Theater ​Director: Jonghee Woo Scenic Designer: Carlo Maghirang Technical Director: Kyle Garrelts Costume Designer: Yonit Olshan Video Designer: Jesse Garrison Sound Designer: Pin-hua Chen Photos by Brian Hashimoto
 ANOTHER TROY By John Johnson  California Institute of the Arts / E400 Director: Dan Bonnell Scenic Designer: Yao Zhang Costume Designer: Stephanie Nemazee Sound Designer: Harlow Price Photos by Brian Hashimoto
 DREAMLANDIA By Octavio Solis  California Institute of the Arts / Coffeehouse Theater Director: Mark Valdez Scenic Designer: Bora Lee Costume Designer: Meghan Ims Sound Designer: Ashley Diaz Photos by Nicolas Savignano
 THE LOCKOUT By Ben Fort and Jason Gallagher (2013)  Six Hours Short Productions American Theatre Company Chicago, IL  Director: Joe Giovannetti Scenic Designer: Sarah Nelson Costume Designer: Kristina Carr Sound Designer: Antonio Gracias Photos By Matthew Baye
 LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN By Oscar Wilde  Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, University of Nebraska at Lincoln Howell Theatre  Director: Carrie Lee Patterson Scenic Designer: Jacob Hegar Costume Designer: Mallory Prucha Photos by Matthew Baye
 GODSPELL By Stephen Schwartz  Crane River Theater Company Director: Steve Barth Scenic Design: Kyle Garrelts Costume Design: Gay Longfellow Photos by Steve Lewis
 DYLAN By Sidney Michaels  Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, University of Nebraska at Lincoln Studio Theatre  Director: Aaron Sawyer Scenic Designer: Jacob Boyett Costume Designer: Janice Stauffer Photos by Matthew Baye and Alma Cerretta  *KCACTF Certificate of Merit for Lighting Design  *UNL Award for Best Lighting Design